The history of our passion

What began in 1940 with Anton Tischhauser sen. as a very small business can now present itself as a globally active group of companies. Tisca is an independent, family-run company and can thus guarantee a reliable and lasting partnership. As a full-service provider of high quality textile products for indoors and outdoors Tisca brings together four divisions under one roof: carpets, fabrics, textiles for the transport sector as well as textile sports turfs. Only one thing has remained the same since the day of our foundation: the insatiable passion for everything we do – TEXTILE PASSION.


1940 Company founded by Anton Tischhauser Senior. Production of hand-woven carpets
1943 Upholstery fabric production began in Bühler
1955 Mechanical carpet weaving mill in Bühler
1963 Foundation of TISCA AUSTRIA and TISCA FRANCE. Production of hand-woven carpets
1965 Foundation of TIARA Teppichboden AG in Urnäsch. Production of tufted carpets
1972 Foundation of TISCA ITALIA. Production of hand-woven carpets
1978 Foundation of TAP AG in Urnäsch. Production of hand weaving yarns
1985 Expansion of the carpet weaving mill in Bühler
1990 Expansion of TIARA Teppichboden AG in Urnäsch with a new coating unit
1992 Shareholding in Mira-X AG Textile factory
1997 Foundation of TAPIS WARON AG. Production of embroidered carpets
1999 Takeover of Mira-X AG and Mira-X GmbH (D).
2000 Foundation of ROMTAP in Romania. Production of hand-woven carpets
2005 Foundation of the SPORTISCA division. Production of artifical turf systems
2006 Foundation of the MOBILITY TEXTILES division. Production and sale of transport textiles
2009 Takeover of MODELLANA and integration into the Tapis WARON facility in Sennwald.