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TISCA LOOP is a modern area rug enhancing the living space with its rich and luscious colors. A multifaceted color palette ranging from fiery red to earthy neutrals inspires to create new and exciting combinations of color and material. The characteristic of this dense Nylon Frise is its grainy surface texture. TISCA LOOP’s distinctive look changes its appearance depending on the angle from which it is viewed. These variations are subtle and tone-in-tone. They do not appear prominent, instead they exude a luxuriant finesse. The binding marks the refinement, perfectly in harmony with the charm of the rug. Its cord picks up the brilliance of the pile and mirrors the playful character in the form of loops at the corners. A special fiber cross section coupled with an additional anti-soil treatment ensures that TISCA LOOP is not only a jewel but also a practical and easy to care area rug for your home.

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