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SPORTISCA T-Turf S9 Revolution at the Arsenal Sports Center

On February 2nd the SPORTISCA turf was delivered to Arsenal London. The installation was started immediately and the indoor football field at the Arsenal Community Sports Center is expected to open shortly. The sports field will be in operation 50 hours per week.

The patented turf SPORTISCA T-Turf S9 Revolution does not require sand or granule infill. Thanks to its bi-component construction this turf is skin-friendly yet durable. SPORTISCA has achieved a major breakthrough in this sector and has thus dispelled a prevailing conflict of goals in the artificial turf industry worldwide. As elastic layer, the new product SPORTISCA T-Layer is being utilized. This innovation not only offers the desirable joint protection effect but also guarantees –as the very first elastic layer- an optimal energy restitution. A premature fatigue of the players is thus avoided. The complete system at hand has persuaded the management of Arsenal London. The new sports center will be visited weekly by over 1500 sports-enthusiastic spectators.

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