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Gottfried Honegger Rugs at Art Cologne 2015

Collection 25 – 10 – 50 

Gottfried Honegger, born 1917 in Zurich, is internationally one of the most important exponents of the “Art Concret” of his generation. Initially a successful commercial artist, active in Paris, Zurich, and New York at the end of the 1950s, Honegger decided to dedicate himself entirely to free arts.

Since then, he has exhibited in renowned institutions around the globe, and his works are represented in significant collections. Yet Gottfried Honegger's interest in applied art has remained, and thus he has always had the attitude that art, life, and the everyday should be directly interconnected, and that a chair or a carpet can assume the same significance as a painting on the wall or a sculpture in a room.

The carpet project "25 – 10 – 50“ comprises 25 carpets which Gottfried Honegger realised with the carpet company Tisca. These are based on designs of his from the past 50 years and each carpet is produced as a limited edition with just 10 copies. The freshness with which Gottfried Honegger approaches his work, with which he lets his political ideals of responsibility, equality, and solidarity flow into his artworks runs through his artistic œuvre like a red thread and is also reflected in his unique carpets.

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