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The princess of the carpets.

TIARA PRINCIPESSA carries its name with pride. The ultra fine, soft and shiny texture gives this carpet a unique touch and feel and provides an abundance of warmth and charm. PRINCIPESSA, however, doesn’t only stand out for its luxurious texture but also for its high fashion aesthetic. The silky shimmering yarn gives the carpet a noble look and exudes an atmosphere of true elegance. Its hefty yarn weight offers the highest level of under foot comfort. Yet, despite its delicate nature, PRINCIPESSA features premium performance and maintenance characteristics.

TIARA PRINCIPESSA addresses the needs of the consumer with a high demand for an elegant and superior quality ambiance. Not only for the residential area but also for the hospitality market. The dynamic of this deeply textured carpet infuses the interior with the modern-day home living trend and lets you live, feel and enjoy the textile experience. 22 carefully selected colors enable the creation of an up-to-date homedecor with endless variations.

The development of PRINCIPESSA is built on a novel fiber technology based on PA 6.6. This new fiber provides the softness and sheen on one hand and the durability and ease of maintenance on the other hand. In addition, PRINCIPESSA has been treated with the SCOTCHGARD fiber protection. This soil protection repels liquid spills and dirt which can easily be removed.

As is customary at Tisca, health and ecology are of utmost importance and a central criteria. The softness of this carpet is achieved without the application of chemical softeners. Softeners tend to attract dirt and dust. Hence, for health, ecological and cleaning-technical considerations, Tisca does not apply any softening agents.

Last but not least: TIARA PRINCIPESSA enhances the acoustic and under foot comfort in a significant way. In our hectic world these are valuable attributes adding to the daily living comfort.


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