Care & Cleaning

Regular care and cleaning are important so that you can enjoy the high quality of your textiles for years to come. This is true for both woollen and synthetic products. Properly cared for carpets in both the residential and public sector look better and ensure a superior indoor air quality, remove dust and dirt particles from the air and bind these until the next cleaning.

Caring for pure new wool carpets

Tisca carpets of pure new wool (Wools of New Zealand) are easy care by nature and are thus a valuable investment in the long run. Caring for pure new wool carpets is much easier than most people think. Thanks to its natural resistance to soiling, wool releases dirt 25% easier than synthetic fibres do. And since the scaly texture of the fibres does not allow the dirt particles to sink into the carpet these can be vacuumed off more easily.

Stain removal

Whether children, a dog, a clumsy party guest or simply yourself – small mishaps can happen. Stain removal is one of the most important factors in carpet care – and the quick use of the proper cleaner is decisive. Our care instructions contain the proper methods.