Caring for the environment

Taking responsibility for the environment is a matter of course for Tisca. Our corporate policy predetermines that we assume a big ecological responsibility at all levels. The T-Care concept shows the keystones of Tisca's activities to save the environment.

Energy savings: climate protection begins on the floor

Carpets are excellent insulators and thus energy cost savers. The pile structure of a carpet has an insulation value up to ten times higher than that of hard flooring. Because carpets retain warmth for longer they make a sizable contribution to maintaining a set temperature level. What's more, the temperature in a carpeted room can be 1° - 2° C lower with no loss of comfort.

Wool: an eco-friendly raw material

Wool is a renewable, biodegradable raw material and, by nature, the first choice for attractive carpets and rugs. Wool fibre is one of the cleanest and eco-friendliest flooring materials in the world. Wool is not only extremely hard wearing and soil resistant but also has long lasting elasticity and beauty. Wool is naturally flame retardant and does not require any chemical application. In addition, wool's natural bulk and resilience feature superior sound and heat-insulating properties and guarantee a high level of comfort.