Indoor air hygiene

Airborne dust and dirt particles can cause irritation in the nose, paranasal sinuses and lower respiratory tract. Indoor air pollution is seen as a health risk. Carpets bind dust particles until the next cleaning and thus reduce the concentration of pollutants in the air. This means that the dust gets trapped in the carpet, not in our lungs.

Moisture regulation

Textiles of pure new wool have a moisture-regulating effect. At a temperature of 21° C, pure new wool absorbs around 15 to 17% humidity from the air and releases it eventually into the atmosphere. Pure new wool carpets help stabilize relative humidity by absorbing and releasing moisture and thus improve the indoor air quality.

Carpets lessen the risk of accidents and have low-impact effect

Carpets make an important contribution to reducing the risk of accidents, particularly amongst children. They give feet a firm hold and grip. Carpets cushion the impact when falling down. Safe floor coverings are a pressing requirement for successful accident prevention. Furthermore, textile floor coverings adapt to the human anatomy because they have a natural elasticity. They ensure balanced gravity of the body weight and thus protect joints and muscles. And they enhance the moving comfort, are healthier for your feet and help take the strain off your spine.

Noise reduction and soundproofing

Carpets absorb much more noise than any hard flooring because they lower the sound level ten times more, whether it is ambient sound, foot step noise or noise from outdoors. What's more, the echo from noise is only half as long as that on hard flooring. Thanks to their soft elastic backing, carpets reduce foot step noise by around 25-30 dB (decibel). Hard floors only achieve values of between 5-15 dB. A simple rule is: the thicker the carpet, the greater its soundproofing effect.

Colour as a "feel good" factor

Aesthetic taste is the expression of one's own personality. Colours affect a person's mood. People need changes of colour and light to feel good. Carpets offer the ideal basis for the creation of an individual ambiance and a personal living experience. The variety of materials, colours and patterns is extensive and there are virtually no limits to the design possibilities.