Hand tufting is a manual production method with almost unlimited possibilities for individual design. At the start of the fabrication, a backing is stretched on a frame and the required pattern is being sketched or projected onto it. Using a hand-held yarn gun, the pile is being 'shot' through the backing from the back side. The design possibilities in hand-tufted carpets are consequently large: practically every yarn thickness, every surface texture (cut or loop pile), every depth of pile, form, pattern and colour can be produced.

Hand-tufted carpets decorate rooms in a very individual way. The freedom in terms of size, colour and shape allows for ideal coordination with your interior fittings and furnishings. An extensive range of designs are available to Tisca customers as a starting point. Any detail can be changed at any time to suit your wishes. We will also be happy to turn your own sketches and ideas into reality.