Weaving mill

Machine-woven carpets are 3-dimensional textiles that contain three warp systems (nap, filling and binding warp) and one weft system (face and back weft). The warp yarn is interlaced with the weft yarn during weaving to produce a loop.

If the carpet is to be given a pattern, the required individual, multi-coloured pile threads are arranged in a spool rack on different levels. Each of these colour groups is called a "frame". A jacquard loom is needed to produce patterns; this raises the pile threads that produce the pattern so that they reach the surface of the carpet. The pile threads that are not needed are lowered simultaneously and woven into the back of the carpet as "dead frames". Unlike bouclé products, a cut pile is produced by pile wires with replaceable cutters at their ends. The loop piles placed over the pile wire are cut open when the pile wire is pulled out. This produces a plush-like character.