For Tisca, quality is both trademark and commitment. Beginning in 1940, the company founder Anton Tischhauser Senior labelled his products with the TISCA seal of quality. This standard remains valid to this day. True to its founder's claim, Tisca still follows its own standard: the Tisca quality is unparalleld.

  • Tisca products satisfy the strictest quality and safety requirements in the public, transport and residential sectors.
  • Tisca products are tested and certified in accordance with the latest standards and requirements.
  • Our in-house laboratory and the works' own production control (WPK) check all products throughout the entire production process by numerous tests and inspections.

The Tisca quality standard naturally covers international standards and certifications too:

  • EN AS 9100:2018 (quality management system with quality requirements of the aerospace industry)
  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management
  • CE: our products are CE certified (EC declaration of conformity).
  • Furthermore, our products and production processes are tested and certified with respect to environmental compatibility and sustainability in accordance with GuT.