The added value philosophy of Tisca

Tisca dresses living spaces. True to this mission, Tisca develops, designs and produces textiles that provide a comfortable ambiance essential to find tranquility and relaxation amid a loud and hectic world. Our customers don't only yearn for beautiful products; they often also look for functional products. We are aware of the diverse textile needs of our clients and are able to competently and efficiently fulfill them all from one source. 'Tisca added value' is what we call the benefit our customers reap. It comprises the following offerings:

More – quality

Quality means: First class raw materials and the best workmanship.

More – service

Individual requirements are handled efficiently, including special construction and variable product widths. Advice, quick response, efficient sample service, on-time deliveries.

More – competence

By combining highly specialized competence fields under one roof, Tisca is able to satisfy the most complex client requirements from one source.

More – investment protection

Tisca products make happy and satisfied customers even after years of heavy wear and tear.

More – individuality

Individual artistic textile interior design. Tisca will guide the client from the initial idea all the way to the finished product in a professional manner and with the latest technology.

More – class

In a world of affluence and mass production, quality and design are decisive factors. The name Tisca stands for the highest quality and sophisticated design. We offer first-class products of the highest standards. Textiles you will enjoy for years to come.