Door Mats

Between 70 and 90% of all dirt is introduced into a building from outside. Assuming that each visitor brings an average of 20 to 70 g of dirt, the quantities which may occur in a building on a daily basis are easy to calculate. Effective remedial measures are essential. The role and purpose of a clean-off zone are therefore self-evident. But everyone is familiar with the dilemma encountered in an entrance area. The design of a functionally effective yet at the same elegant entrance zone often proves difficult: aesthetic appeal and functional quality are hard to combine.


Opening up new possibilities: TIARA PORTABELLA, the elegant yet highly effective clean-off zone by Tisca. Clear design language; highly effective cleaning function; long-lasting good impression. Meets the challenge of finding an elegant solution to the dirt trap problem. There lies its value because the entrance zone is the visiting card of every building.


TIARA PORTABELLA is a clean-off zone for both indoor and outdoor use made of a high grade anodized aluminium profile, single rows of brushes in 100% polyamide and a heavy duty mat with a cut-pile textile inlay.


When it comes to colour, size and shape TIARA PORTABELLA meets the user’s every wish. Even the combination of mats and brushes can be chosen at will. An individual decision can also be taken as to whether a ramp profile is needed on both sides.


Elegant. Effective. Individual.