Appenzeller turf

The pastoral Appenzell region offers Tisca the ideal model for a nature-like range of turfs. These turfs are developed and produced in the heart of this rolling green countryside. The inspiration is evident; the turfs reflect the natural original. Several colour variations and different blade heights result in different types of turf for every taste. They can be used not only where there's a need for a pleasant lush Green but also for functional purposes and for easy maintenance. On balconies and terraces, in winter gardens or as a surround, they offer the comfort of a well-tended lawn all year round.

TIARA GIARDINO Color. The slightly different turf.

GIARDINO Color is the new architectural turf from Tisca and the first artificial turf available in a clever polychromatic colouring. Two different pile heights in different shades are processed together to produce an interesting and iridescent play of colours. TIARA GIARDINO Color is available in twelve modern colour ways.