Tisca is the only supplier in the world to bring together four different carpet production methods under one roof. The weaving mill in Bühler, the tufting works in Urnäsch as well as the stitching and pass-tufting plant in Sennwald offer customers a wide choice of qualities and a finely tuned pricing system for a needs-based evaluation of the product.

Pure new wool

As a renewable and biodegradable fibre, pure new wool is amongst the cleanest and most ecologically friendly floor covering materials in the world. Wool is extremely hard-wearing and dirt-repellent, has a lasting beauty and is also flame-retardant. In addition, it guarantees optimum acoustic and thermal insulation and a high level of comfort.

  • Woven carpets

    As premium products for both the public and private sector, woven carpets of pure new wool or nylon are of a very high value. While the traditional weaving technique serves as a basis, today's carpets are made using the latest technology.
  • Tufted carpets

    Unlike woven carpets, the surface material is not woven through the back but tufted. This production process enables both, loop pile as well as cut pile surface textures. Different coloured wools and nylons are used.
  • Stitched and pass-tufted carpets

    Made from pure new wool, stitched carpets with a loop pile texture can be produced up to a width of 1,350cm, pass-tufted carpets up to a width of 650 cm, in one piece. Since each carpet is produced to order, individual customer wishes can be satisfied.

Synthetic fibres

Carpets of polyamide fibres offer a superior mixture of well-balanced functions and lasting aesthetics. This is why they are often used in public buildings where the best possible wear-resistance is required. They are also very popular in the residential sector.