TISCA FORTE: really tough

Weaving technique

TISCA FORTE is a woven carpet characterised both by its durability and great scope for design possibilities. It is based on the Wilton weaving technique. This means that we can fulfil your special wishes in sizes starting from 40m2. Tisca weaves in widths between 70 and 460cm depending on the volume of the order.


The dBook gives you an idea of the Tisca design pool and accompanies and inspires you in your search for the carpet of your dreams. The use of extra-wide, electronically-controlled jacquard machines also opens up new dimensions for non-repeating and free-form patterns. Let your imagination run wild. And challenge us!


As its name indicates, TISCA FORTE is an extra-strong product that has all properties needed for the highest requirement of textile floor coverings. Excellent resilience, outstanding abrasion resistance and appearance retention are just a few of the special features. The pigment-dyed yarn ensures outstanding cleaning properties and the best light- and colourfastness values.