TISCA FORUM: unique diversity

TISCA FORUM is woven luxury. A beautiful carpet made from 100% pure new wool with an extraordinary combination of loop and cut pile, pure geometrical or fanciful floral. There is not limit to color choice since all of the carpets are made to order. Despite the wide variety of design options it is a product that steps back and leaves plenty of room for the decor of the remaining interior elements.

The FORUM program is supplemented by TISCA FONTANA: a woven cut-pile construction of the highest quality. Available in the pile heights of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm, TISCA FONTANA offers maximum comfort.

TISCA FORUM and FONTANA are available in any colour you wish. What's more, they offer all the advantages of pure new wool, are manufactured without seams in various widths and are soil resistant. Indoor air quality and climate enhancement are the main reason for the use in hotels and conference buildings. Pure new wool is in most cases the mandatory material in aircraft and ships for its flame retardant qualities. Pure new wool is a renewable raw material. Depending on the requirements profile, the combination of wool from various sources results in a pure new wool product ranging from luxurious to extremely hard-wearing. English sheep, for example, have a higher degree of crimp, a long staple and a yellowish colour on account of the more inclement weather. Wool from New Zealand sheep on the other hand is rather plain, but almost white.