TISCA WILTON: woven carpets for an individual design

Woven Wilton carpets allow individual customer wishes to be taken into account for personal room designs. The texture can be a cut-pile, loop pile or – characteristic of this weave technology – a cut-and-loop pile construction. Three qualities are available: STANDARD, SUPERIOR and DE LUXE. Cut-pile and cut-and-loop pile carpets are made from 80% pure new wool and 20% polyamide, loop pile goods from 100% pure new wool. The Wilton weaving technique allows plain and patterned carpets as well as combinations if required. The colour scheme is based on the 70 standard colours of the colour pompons in the WILTON box. Special colours are available for an additional charge. The variable width of the goods is a particular advantage for customers with special needs. Tisca makes this carpet in the ideal width for specific projects so as to ensure an economically and ecologically sensible production.