Room decoration

Rugs are room decorations and bring textile comfort to hard surfaces. They accentuate highlights and blend seamlessly into the room design. Thanks to the broad production technology of Tisca, the diversity could hardly be greater. Alongside hand-woven and hand-tufted carpets, the assortment is rounded off by stitched, machine-woven and tufted carpets. The collections differ in their feel, look and statement offering the perfect combination options sure to complement and decorate any interior.

  • Traditional

    Following in the tradition of the company history, the Tisca assortment covers a wide range of hand-woven carpets. These are made by true craftsmen. The hand weaving mill produces unique items – carpets that animate rooms through their unmistakeable character.
  • Classic

    Tisca envisions a classic carpet as being timeless room decoration. Carpets that are characterised by the authenticity of the material, the feel, the surface texture and the simplicity of design. Classic Tisca carpets speak for themselves.
  • Modern

    The modern carpets from Tisca are characterised by a wide variety of materials, textures, colour combinations and shapes. Adventurous here, surprising there – these carpets are sure to catch your eye.
  • Art

    True art is a great accomplishment that stands the test of time through innovation and quality. Art can stir feelings and spark emotions. Tisca has always valued and cultivated art. Reason enough to launch a series of carpets under this motto.