Ahead of time

TISCA hand tuft

Tisca hand-tufted carpets focus on texure and shape as well as different levels from loop pile to open space in the carpet. This leads to new material awareness and follows the trend in architecture of making living space experiences perceptible through materials. The collection is split into five design groups – Struktura, Elementa, Linea, Quadra and Fantasia.


Curved lines create shapes that romance the living space in a dynamic and innovative way. The idea for AOE came to the Swiss designer Sabine Leuthold when studying a number of new floor plans for apartments of which the majority had no clear boundaries between the living spaces. The carpet is thus ideal for open spaces as a connecting element from living area to dining area to front door.


TISCA MOULIN takes femininity and frivolity as its topic in a modern, seemingly architectural design. It is based on a classic woven product: TISCA COLORRIPS. The ribbed loop pile texture of mottled staple fibre yarn has been reinterpreted in the MOULIN carpet. The incorporated eyelets of stainless steel with integrated polyamide cord as well as a border of cowhide result in an unmistakeable carpet with a provocative statement.