Tailor-Made Carpets

Tailor-made carpets are custom-made and unique and belong to the elite class of all carpets. Since they are manufactured for a specific need, waste can largely be avoided – a positive effect for the environment and your budget. What's more, tailor-made carpets from Tisca are produced up to a maximum seamless width of 1350cm and in one piece depending on the quality. This eliminates seams and potential weak points. Since every colour can be realised precisely to your wishes and at no extra cost, you can be sure of a perfect colour match between your carpet and the existing decor or new interior design.

And because individuality paired with the highest quality is very important for Tisca, the Sennwald mill tackles the production of tailor-made carpets with two manufacturing methods. WARON carpets are stitched on machines that are unique in the world. MODELLANA carpets are produced on special pass tufting machines.


    WARON carpets are made from pure new, long staple worsted wool yarn. The surface texture has a distinct loop pile feature. WARON carpets are extremely hard-wearing and display no shading.

    MODELLANA tailor-made carpets of pure new wool, produced on so-called pass tufting machines, are made to specification. The various surface textures of cut pile, frisé and bouclé lend the carpet an exciting and distinct look.