Fabrics for life

Tisca builds on the tried and true, takes it a step further and creates something new. The exploitation of the textile freedom fascinates. The creation becomes passion. Fabrics are everyday companions in our life. By combining design and function they achieve the special status we long for.

Tisca is proud to present the Mira X collections, an extensive range of high-quality curtains, decorative fabrics, black-out curtains and upholsteries for the textile interior decor - some 350 articles in more than 3,000 colours. Extraordinary fabrics with aesthetic appeal, expressing a contemporary lifestyle.

  • Collection Mira X

    A new collection is presented every year, dedicated to a specific topic and based on the latest trend colours. The credo is: the MiraX collection is an aesthetically safe value, timeless and modern.
  • Individual design

    Apart from our stock collection we will also be happy to weave your own individual design. Our extensive archive can serve as a starting point. However, we encourage you to challenge us with new ideas and inspirations.
  • Curtain fabrics

    Curtains make a room cosy without blocking the view of the horizon. We can offer a wide range of transparent fabrics.
  • Decorative fabrics

    From traditional jacquard weaves or elaborate jacquard-decoupe fabrics to dobby weave textures available up to 300cm in width and to black-out fabrics – decorative fabrics embellish rooms.
  • Upholstery fabrics

    Upholstery fabrics do not get much notice in everyday life. The art lies in the combination of quality and aesthetics. High durability is equal to elegance in design.
  • Alpine fabric

    ALPINE FABRIC is a line of a special class. It's emphasis is on flame retardant fabrics for the hotel and catering sector as well as for chalets in the Alpine region. Hence, the design language is rustic yet with a modern interpretation.
  • Silencia

    Jährlich wird eine Neuheiten-Kollektion präsentiert, welche einem spezifischen Thema gewidmet ist und auf den aktuellen Trendfarben aufbaut. Das Credo lautet: Die Collection Mira X ist ein ästhetisch sicherer Wert, zeitlos und modern.