Decorative fabrics dress rooms

Textile design turns a home into an oasis of calm and repose. Decorative fabrics are the expression of a person's feel for ambiance and are used to create individual interiors. Being surrounded by beautiful things not only creates a pleasant feeling but also has a positive effect on daily life.

While creating our decorative fabrics we celebrate textile craftsmanship. Traditional jacquard or elaborate jacquard-coupe fabrics are just two of our specialty weaves. Dobby fabrics, available up to 300 cm in width, plain or patterned, are also a signifcant part of our collection. These decorative fabrics offer much more than just protection from prying eyes. They also help fashion a room and create elegant cosiness. And, last but not least, the black-out fabrics also play an important part. They conjure up darkness in a room with a flick of the wrist.